Keep your Child-like Faith

Keep your Child-like Faith

Perhaps growing up you believed in Superman. Maybe it was Spiderman who could crawl into any crack and rescue you. As children, we all had someone who we believed was bigger than life. A superhero who could do the impossible or better yet fix anything.

Unfortunately, becoming adults can cause us to shy away from our child-like faith, especially when we have been in an uncomfortable place for a long time, and nothing has changed. It is so easy to just want to give up. It seems that things won’t ever change. Thank God that this is not true! Yes, I know. It is a fact that Superman and Spiderman are not coming to our rescue. But we can still have faith in God, our real superhero! God is the "Great I Am". The only one who can really do the impossible or fix anything. He alone can see through a steel wall or rescue you from anywhere and from anything.  No thing (nothing) is impossible for God!

If you are in a tough spot now, don't give up! Keep your faith. Keep believing. Stay in the Presence of God. Lean in more to Him, trust Him more. Remember His promise in Jeremiah 29:11…” I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.”

Keep Your Child-like Faith! As you grow and mature in life, this child-like belief becomes a great foundation for you to no longer believe in the make believe. You should now (because of all of your life experiences up to this point in your existence), believe in the one true superhero and this being is God our father! He alone is where your faith belongs.  Trust HIM and see “won’t HE do it.”


Surrender Your Hate…Let Life Live!

Peace ∞ Love

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