Control of life

Control of life

Control of Life

 In life, as human beings, there are a few things we can control!  There are also many things in life that we do not and cannot and should not control!

As an example, we should not be in control of how we or someone else will die.  We all will one day come to the end of our mortal earthly lives.  No need for us to accelerate this inevitable action.

Allow me to elaborate more on an example of our controllables and our uncontrollables of giving or taking life. Death will eventually come to all of us, either through the aging process – old age, or perhaps some of us will succumb to a life-ending disease (cancer, covid, heart disease, etc.).  Or unfortunately and unnecessarily, some of us will and have died because someone takes control of how our life ends by using a gun to take our lives away! This power doesn’t belong to humans, and I believe it should not.  This should not be one of the ways we exert our ability to control! We were commanded to be fruitful and multiply life.  Not to kill life!  The sixth commandment says thou shalt not kill!

We should all pass away from old age (the inevitable end of our timetable – timeline)!  This is God’s control-ability (controllable) – not ours.  Using a gun to take away another’s life is a power that we can choose to control ourselves and not exercise this deathly power against another human life (soul)!

What’s the solution to living this belief of not taking control of the decision to kill someone with a gun?  I believe the answer must come from each of our hearts, minds, souls, and brain – our internal spirit!  Surrender life-taking control back to God!  He gave us life and is the only being with the ‘right power’ to take it away, to end life!

We are not gods!  We are human beings.  Being human should not come with the power to kill another human because we don’t like their humanity!  Surrender the choice to kill!

Mommas and Dads, please instill this belief and life respecting approach in your children.  This is one answer to how we prevent, how we stop gun violence in our communities – in this lifetime!  Give God His sovereign power back.  This power of life and death belongs to HIM, not us.


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