Five Senses of Peace and Love

Five Senses of Peace and Love

Five senses of Peace and Love:

Let’s imagine the following emotions could have a taste, a smell, a sound, a sight, a feel/a touch. How would you describe these two words (Peace and Love), in terms of your five senses? How would you describe some of their opposite words, feelings, and emotions in this same sense of our 5 senses?  Which would you choose?  Sweet or bitter, good, or bad, soft, or hard, pretty, or ugly, comforting, or painful? Kind or mean? Loving or hateful!

Well, this is what happens to our senses when someone is taken from us by gun violence!

Let’s discuss:  which would you rather taste, feel, hear, see, or smell?

What’s your favorite flavor? Your favorite food, cake, pie, or ice cream? Your favorite beverage. - coffee, tea, lemonade….  Do you have a favorite sports team? How do you feel when they win a championship? How do you feel when they lose a championship?

Some of these sensations we can control or manage ourselves.  We get to choose which type of cake we eat on our birthday.  We may even be able to choose other positive outcomes. 

When gun violence or a conflicting/angry situation enters our lives, we aren’t always able to choose the outcome.  Unless we decide how we are going to behave when we are angry or when we encounter another person who may not be in control of their sensibilities.

When gun violence occurs, your five senses are forever affected!  Whether you be a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a friend, or a complete stranger; your senses will produce a traumatic experience. Whether you are young, or older, a private citizen, a public figure, a policeman or a politician or whatever walk of life you are - you will be changed in a most dramatic sensory way, forever.

We can avoid many of these negative sensations and emotions if we all focus on the impact the negative choice produces and then choose Peace and Love, before the negative consequences of gun violence have a chance to produce an ugly feeling, a bad taste, a horrible smell, a life changing feeling - forever!

Choose Peace and Love - every day! Respect yourself and the humanity of others.  Think about your senses before you commit an act of violence. Think about how your actions will impact the lives of so many children, friends, parents, siblings, and others in our community.  Choose a sweet smell, a wonderful taste, a comforting hug/touch, a beautiful song, a pretty morning, or evening sky.  Make the choice to leave your and our senses in a positive state of being - alive! Let’s all make better life choices - starting with not killing another human!  This would please GOD!

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