Surrender Your Hate - The Story

Surrender Your Hate - The Story

Surrender Your Hate

The Story

The worst disease of all time is hate and evil.  It was the evil of hate that led Cain to kill Abel – his own brother.  We have continued this evil hate throughout the centuries to a point where the value of human life is at its lowest level ever (my opinion).  There are far too many examples of murderous acts of hate across the globe – every nook.  Fortunately, there is an antidote for this systemic problem.  This antidote is LOVE.

Yet, since love is such an undefinable emotion and concept for many people, it does not get considered as an answer to our hate.  It is the ultimate key to our survival and for those of us who are believers, it is a commandment from God to love one another and a key to our salvation – we are not meeting this mandate!

We can all answer God’s call for us to overcome evil and hate by simply surrendering that which we hate.  Even if we don’t fully recognize that we have some level of hate in our hearts, that manifests itself in our daily actions toward another human being – subconsciously it is there.  How do you address it, how do you surrender it?  We believe this surrender starts with a prayer – ask God to help you overcome that gnawing feeling that you harbor toward another.  Then begin to openly and actively seek to change how you see people you don’t like, that you may be afraid of and yes, that you hate.  Prayer will overcome evil.  Acknowledging that you are different from the people you don’t like or hate, is the first sign of change – we cannot change if we don’t recognize the need to change.  God helps us with both praying and accepting the need to change.

When we earnestly commit to what was described in the previous paragraph, we can then open ourselves up to a dialogue.  Yes, having a good old fashion conversation with someone that we have had some level of ought/dislike/distrust/fear – hate toward that person or people will dissipate, over time.  Learning and living to love another can be achieved if you choose to do so!  The choice is yours!  Let Love Live by Surrendering Your Hate and then having more civil behavior toward those people you formerly hated!  Simple? Too simple?  Well give it a try and see what happens to you.  God wants his children to love one another – Globally and without cause – do so simply because HE commands us to do so.  Be obedient to his Will and our World will become a better place for everyone!

“This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.”  John 15:12.


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