What Would Your Jersey Say?

What Would Your Jersey Say?

We make hundreds of decisions every day. What would your jersey look like if you had to wear all your personal decisions on your chest today? Would you be proud? Or would you be tempted to turn your jersey inside out so no one could see it?

We get to decide whether we will walk in love and peace. Or whether we will be the one who spreads hate, lies and confusion. The decision is left up to us each day. Make a daily decision to walk in love, peace and joy. Be bold and intentional! Opposition and distractions will come. Stay committed to your decision! Be alert and constantly ask yourself throughout the day “Am I allowing others to influence or change me?”

You are in control of your daily decisions. Your daily decisions matter. Show everyone the BEST YOU! Respect others. Make the decision to walk in love, peace and joy!

Surrender Your Hate!  Let Life Live!

Peace ∞ Love

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