World Peace Day

World Peace Day

World Peace

Every day is Surrender Your Hate Day

Honoring International Peace Day


September 21st is recognized around the World as International Day of Peace!  This is a wonderful idea and we at Surrender Your Hate, LLC and Let Life Live, Inc., are in support of everything that this peaceful concept implores for all of us!  Let’s get started – offer peace and love this day.  But don’t stop this practice of Peace just on this day! 

At Surrender Your Hate and at Let Life Live, we believe everyday should be a day of peace and love! As you look at a calendar, whether hardcopy or electronically, you see that each day or many days throughout the year are designated as “_______ day.”  You can fill in the blank.  This blank often represents some worthy cause, a great person, or some historical event.  We have daily things, people and ideals that we honor and respect and this per day recognition memorializes that person, place or thing.  May we continue to honor life’s greatness.

Let’s add to International Day of Peace by adopting one of the mantras we at SYH and LLL have as one of our guiding principles.  We believe, as the White Dove in our logo symbolizes, that every day is a day of Surrender – a Day of Peace and Love.  We don’t have a specific day of origin for this belief, so we suggest that every day of the week, month, year become a day of peace.  A day to surrender hate and to replace it with love – thus, the belief that every day is a day of surrender.  A day of Peace and Love.  Join us and the United Nations General Assembly, which passed Resolution 36/67 on September 30, 1981, where a global ceasefire and stoppage of hostility on that day was enacted.

SYH and LLL believe that the idea, the goal of peace is too big for just one day!  We encourage the World to adopt our mantra and belief that every day of life, for those of us that are living, should be a day of peace.  A day of peace and love shown to everyone, by everyone!  You ask, ‘is this possible?’  The answer is yes! Yes, if we each look inside our own hearts to discover the value of life.  God gave us breath.  God gave us life.  It is up to us to respect life, nurture life, value life and live life!  Peace in our hearts helps us do so.  We believe that every person has the capacity for compassion.  Explore this innate quality within yourself.  Let the peace and love within you be your daily guide.  Think upon this little poetic piece of thought to assist your choice to live in and to offer peace to your fellow human: 

“Open your heart – they’re diamonds and pearls inside”

Open your heart – they’re diamonds and pearls inside.  Look deep and cultivate the beauty of GOD’s love inside of you! Yes, this discovery will take some time, but the eternal journey is well worth the wait! Disciple this parable – share it with all the World – everyday! Reference – Revelations 21:2.

As you read this writing, please take a look at the logo on this page.  Embedded within is a white dove.  The dove also has a green olive branch in its beak.  In many cultures and faiths, this represents the offering of peace – from one person to another.  Adopt this symbolic image.  Place it in your mind, in your heart.  Reflect upon what peace and love means to you and then, every day, begin to practice that meaning as you interact with others.  This will bring us all closer to the grand idea of World Peace and Love.

 In closing, we offer a few more thoughts for you to consider:

SYH Day - Every Day

  • Violence affects us all, but so can Love and Peace; choose the latter!
  • Violence should be rare, not common – for the people of God!
  • Be kind! Show someone kindness today but don’t tell anyone else of your act of kindness and watch the World reveal its kindness – slowly but surely! SYH Daily!
  • Change the acts of violence into acts of love – the Answer!
  • 1 Chronicles 16:11 – “seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually” – his presence.
  • “What the World needs now is love sweet love” – a song!
  • “I’ve gone from wanting to take up arms, of which I have many, to wanting to give loving hugs, which I have more!” Let love & life live!
  • Humility and confidence, not arrogance, not pride.

Happy International/World Day of Peace & Love - Surrender Hate Every Day!

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